WIND Academy Film Awards


WIND Academy Film Awards, known as W. A.F. A. (one of the top 10 influential festivals in the world) gives you a second chance at promoting your film and earning awards. We know how frustrating and disappointing it can be to be overlooked by other film festivals, and A.F.A. is not competing with the Oscar’s, but it will give you a great opportunity to be seen worldwide.

The festival is committed to exhibiting films that express fresh voices and differing global perspectives, with the hope that these programs will enlighten audiences, provide invaluable exposure for filmmakers and present inspired entertainment for all.

A.F.A is a charitable, educational, nonprofit organization committed to the idea that “One Great Movie” will not only change your life but can unite the world on some level. A.F.A. is here to help and team up great filmmakers, from the world of imagination into reality. Together let’s build a world of professionalism and success, hope and opportunity, and introduce America’s few indigenous art forms — through cinema! Lets motivate all international filmmakers to participate and challenge themselves more. The festival also brings films and filmmakers from around the world to Hollywood for our mutual season Gala’s, held in July and December.

We are committed to showing “Great Movies” by “Great Filmmakers”. We are committed to showing movies that both entertain and enlighten the audience. We need movies that seek to enrich the human spirit. “Our goal is for people to leave the theater with the feeling that they just watched something special and different from what they have seen.” Dr.Elham Madani, President and Founder

We believe that a story driven by an individual/authentic voice can awaken new ideas that have the power to delight and entertain, push creative boundaries, spark new levels of empathy and understanding, and even lead to social change.


See you all from 20 of October 2017 in Hollywood !