Elham Madani, is founder and chairwoman of WAFA plus in Mighty Vision Pictures ,Inc that produced over 55 films so far and then  in 2013 she founded WIND International Film Festival that got many amazing films and elevated many film makers and talents to its best and now in 2016 WIND Film Institute is being added to this Non- Profit organization. and her active life time activities in the film industry. Her fans and followers are from all around the world and each day they are  making a greater chain of success all through her and  her impact activities. She is great person with a good pure heart ,a great Producer/Director/Actress and a great lead indeed. We are hoping we find more friends that add it up to our 54,000 members on face book. Twitter, Stage 32, Linked ,Snap chat, and many other social medias. Elham has the mission to engage, educate and support the next generation of filmmakers by providing a platform for them to share their works, help each other, learn from each other, connect with one another ,taking participate through master work shop by Professors and professional film Industry people and make every body's dreams come true.One of her main mission is to eliminate unfair ratio of un- employed female talents and walk with them all through to get experienced through different workshops and classes to become an unbeatable talent  that no one can say no to them any more in the film industry!

She dreams to bring more diversity  in to Hollywood and make a bridge of friendship between East and West part of the world based on humanity ,love,respecting more each other.

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WIND, Arts and Film Academy (WAFA) is a nonprofit organization supporting the advancement and recognition of the arts and the motion picture industry worldwide. WIND, Arts and Film Academy strives to eliminate the cultural barriers aiming at world peace and unification of the world citizens through arts, media and motion pictures. WAFA promotes racial, gender and ethnic equality, offering its members and public at large, distinguished global awards including Academy Film Awards, and World Humanitarian Awards. WAFA also offers a vast resource of services, including film studies, scholarship, motion picture industry seminars, advanced technological support, networking opportunities as well as exclusive entertainment and fashion industry events.