Elham Madani

Malala Yousafzai,

is the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate.She was the subject of Oscar-shortlisted 2015 documentary.She was listed as one of 100 most influential people in the American world assembled by the American news magazine Time.She is known mainly for human rights advocacy for education and for women's right.

How do we choose our Juries ?

The standards of quality in this competition are very high and we only award the best films and filmmakers, so winners of this competition should be very proud of their achievement. Our jury members are part of a big successful network of industry professionals from all over the world (i.e., Canada, Iran, USA, UK, Italy, Pakistan, China) with years of experience in the Film industry.

Each year we try to invite new jurors from all over the globe to insure fair voting.
The quality standard of this competition is very high and we only award the best films and filmmakers, so winners of this competition should be very proud of their achievement.

Professor Dylan Shield

graduated from American Film Institute ,the  top three best film school in USA in Producing .Currently he is  teaching in different  institutes and colleges such as Los Angles City College.

 Claudiu Raymond


Casting Agency

Founder of SnipeShot Productions & Casting in 2005. he has extensive valuable experience as a co-producer at the German production company Los Banditos Films. There he helped produce feature films, commercials and music videos and was also active in many other areas of film production.  SnipeShot also served as a casting agency specializing in specific types (gangster mugs, glamour models, etc.), exotic vehicles and old-timers for films, commercials, music videos and more. In 2012 Claudiu Raymond renamed his production company SnipeShot Productions into Rockoco Films and relocated from Stuttgart, Germany to Beverly Hills, California, in 2014 where he has several feature films in production, as well as a TV series, Dead End - At The End We Die. 

William Kidston

 William Kidston is an Award winning photographer and three time Los Angeles Emmy Winning Television Cameraman and Filmmaker with over 30 years of experience who has joined forces and is an Associate of the Blind Judo Foundation.Over the years his credentials continued to expand and includes covering the Oscars, Emmy's, Grammy's, Directors Guilds Award, Women in Film, Nights of 100 Stars, SAG (Screen Actors Guild). Celebrities like Steven Spielberg, Jack Nickolas, Jodie Foster, Merrill Streep, Harrison Ford, Mark Harmon and former Presidents Bill Clinton and both George Bush Senior and Junior have not escaped his lens.

William can be contacted by phone or text at (310)-739-6904 or  kidston7730@yahoo.com

" Filmmakers are as soul healers.We  have a huge responsibility toward people by our films"

President of Juries:  Dr. Elham Madani

Dr. Elham Madani is holding PhD in Socio Linguistics and  M.A in Art and B.A in Cinema. She is an acclaimed international Academy Award winning Filmmaker and founder/ Director/ Producer of  the

WIND International Film Festival

World Humanitarian Film Awards

Academy Film Awards

Golden Phoenix Film Festival

All of those 4 festivals has different Vision,mission and class of characters that make it them a very unique festival in all over the globe to promote inspiring filmmakers and introduce high profile filmmakers more to the world and then make a fair balance of mixture of them both through WIND festival and act for Humanity through World Humanitarian Awards

Elham has made 55 films and  has been Jury of 15 international Film festivals since  2013


If you have capable hands, we need your help. Whether it's serving food, ushering guest, creating events, or even helping with red carpet interviews, we need you. Send us your resume, with references. This opportunity will bring you to the next level.

Bobbie Chance

Hollywood Actor's Showcase was established by former actress and coach to the stars, Bobbie Shaw Chance. Since its inauguration in 1990, A-List celebrities such as Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore have graced the studio with their presence, providing insight, business acumen and appreciation of the craft


Here we are in 2017. Still we have less focus on women and we have few working female filmmakers, and fewer good films regarding inspiring and empowering young girls and women ,or films inspiring people with great messages.. You cannot imagine the innumerable hungry, pregnant women who are getting hurt or abused or young girls  or women being killed  or stoned by their family or governments to bring back honor as what they believe .But we believe it is shameful that in this world we are still seeing such huge crimes specific to women happening every single minute.
With that desire in my heart, I organized WIND International Film Festival. You and me, we are all looking to make a difference in the world and I believe that by focusing on films about women's problem, we are going to have the most substantial impact. We will reveal untold stories to the world and we will try to find solutions for problems. It is the WIND challenge to filmmakers to focus and find a way in their films to make wonderful films with universal meaning. The world is full of female predicaments. Filmmakers are challenged to isolate problems, focus and show some solution or expanse of understanding through your film.  The WIND Film Festival is like a breeze to inspire all ,specially women in need and danger. It is a non-profit film festival working to end domestic and sexual violence, and harassment all around the world, especially in the Middle East. We are committed to offering support and advocacy to survivors of violence, and prevention and educational activities to help create a community in which violence is not tolerated. If we foster carefully and with positivity, it will pay huge dividends—in love, care, and understanding in a better world.

                      LATEST NEWS

We are proud to announce that Two Hollywood based Film Production companies joined us this year. Our award winners might be asked to be a part of our next two feature films featuring A actors ,Directors in Hollywood. Winning in our festival will change your life!.


Some of the past & current team members & Juries

Director/Prisident of the Film Festival ,

Eric Zulley

He is top 10 influential  on the go broadcaster in Hollywood.He is  running eZWay Broadcasting that is a broadcast network and marketing firm reaching millions and distributed on Dish Network, Wazkal’s Amazon Fire TV powered by Verizon Wireless, FilmOn via eZWayTV. eZWay is one of the top Alexa ranked networks and the founder Eric Zuley is with in the top ten influential of all time published by Weekly Billboard.

​​​​​​​​​Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to focus on community-based efforts including education, awareness, promoting filmmakers with diversity roots .We want to make a good difference and we will with your support.


Steven Nia J.D.

Co-Founder of Wardour Street Pictures
Founder of NIA Holdings (NIAHoldings.com)
Chairman of World Film Institute.

NIA Holdings is a global leader in Green Technology, Entertainment and Investment. NIA innovative subsidiaries operate in green energy, LED Lighting, Electric Vehicles, Solar, Smart Life IoT Home Automation, as well as Digital Entertainment content, CGI, 3D post, film/TV assets.


Ike M. I. Khamisani:

Global Business Advisor

Born Humanitarian.

​Ike M. I. Khamisani is the President of the United Nations Association of the USA, Inland Empire, Southern California.

​Ike M.I. KHAMISANI joined United Nations Association more than twenty five years ago as founding member after serving in Calcutta Civil Defense, LEO CLUB, LIONS CLUB, JAYCEES and ROTARY.He is also Member Board of director of Global Women Rights. He is also Member Board of Advisors of Cricket Council of the USA.

​He holds an MBA degree and operates his own family’s global businesses of Travel/Tourism, General Trading and Consultancy.

CHARLES R. YOUNG                            EXECUTIVE PRODUCER

Charles R. Young is an award-winning producer hailing from Brentwood, Missouri. He holds a BA from Southeast Missouri State University and an MA in International Affairs from the University of Missouri at St. Louis. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army Security Agency and retired from the U.S. State Department in 2009 as CFO of its Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. While working as a consultant to the CFO at State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security he became involved in the business of independent film making, joining forces with film producer Michael Merino and MCMFILMS to produce the feature film, Our Last Supper, followed quickly by, The Haunting of Pearson Place. The following year they produced a TV pilot titled, Drakul. In addition to the feature films and TV pilot he has produced two short films as well as a music video.