Certificate Package

If you want to receive hard copy of your certificate after being nominated or being on finalist list

VIP Packages for Filmmakers

Sum : $99

Location of theater: Legendary Theater with Dolby system in North Hollywood

Regency theater,Valley Plaza 6

Address: 6355 Bellingham Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91606
Phone:(818) 760-8400

Some Question and Answers:

What should I do after being nominated?

 Please read through to the end before applying for your desired package through PayPAL button at the end !

You need to apply by  October 10th  to be considered for screening your film or speech recognition or show casing your work .

After payment has been verified please send an email to WINDInternationalfilmfestival@gmail.com. if you need help applying for a travel visa (please note this is a time sensitive process)let us know.  

Being a part of our festival and attending Our festival gives you a lot exposure and it is a life time opportunity for  indeed The great news is that we are an IMDB qualified film festival and you will receive an

IMDB Credit  after being nominated or winning.You need to list your name here. http://www.imdb.com/event/ev0004415/

We are creating best international film festival with influential team of professional filmmakers and business networking for you in our galas through our unforgettable entertaining events.

We have invited Emmy, Oscar, Academy winners and many have confirmed to attend so far .You can see some confirmed attendees through guest page very soon.

It is a great chance for you to find best friends in your field ,be a part of our Holly wood based film companies and produce films and be a part of our magnificent films we are making through our nominees

and winners if they attend festival .We are so happy that we have received amazing films from  filmmakers from 92 part of the world and mostly are going to attend.

Here is some information about the most favorite packages you can find the best matches your need  to boost your career.

Sponsorship and contribution package for filmmakers.

Let us to give you a little bit more information ,specially if it is your 1st time being nominated in the festival.

Festival takes years and years to be built up .It takes a lot of extra efforts from each single one who is working to make your dream come true. It is very hard to  have festival these day and without being

supported by filmmakers it is kind of impossible. Our dedicated team worked  for a year to build up for this season that you are a nominee for .We spent days and nights and each of us worked over 18 hours

out of 24 hours to be able to have our beautiful festivals and be able to represent you as nominees or possible winner in category you applied for 2016-2017

Being nominated in our festival should be considered one of your best victory in your life.

You should consider it as one of your best triumph this year that might not happen for a while from now. We know many filmmakers are saying us they spent over $ 5000 for different film festival

submission and never the got nominated at all rather than winning. We break that rule of just paying for nomination and get nothing .We love you and we tried to pass it through our nominees. It is

why we have many happy filmmakers who love to attend and be a apart of our fast growing festival again and again.

Why should I attend festival?

We strongly suggest you to try your best to attend festival rather than ordering the trophy just in a case. (for silver package holders)

Presenting in the festival gives you much more opportunities to expand your career.To find amazing filmmakers from all over the globe to build up a better team in a  friendly festival that cares about you and

push you to your best. We believe in what we do and love to have those who have faith in us and want to help and have better events and festival all together. Helping us is helping you to achieve your goal

easier each time.

We have been told even some of you have sold their film /work more than what they expect for after receiving our laurel as the winner, That is amazing.Is not that ?Do not you want that?

Our festival that is being considered as one of the top 10 best independent film festival in the world has passed many difficulties and all is done with no financial support from any organization .

Where shall I stay and how much it cost?

We tried to find you two of the best and closest to theater that will be less than 5 minute driving or so and it cost you less than $ 100 per day.

See the link to know more about it.


Why should we pay for the VIP Package and what is our benefit ?

We are a non profit film festival .Therefore you might get a tax deduction credit if you apply for your tax later on.You are contributing partial heavy cost of  festival in Hollywood by sharing fraction of the


We have heard some festivals even charge 125000 dollar above from nominees to apply for their VIP package. All because festival is very expensive these days.

Help us to help you for a greater network and invitation from celebrities and well known judges and team that cost thousands of dollars each.Here Hollywoos is one of teh most expensive and luxurt in the

world and no one work if they do not get paid vey well.Keep it in your mind.But to be recognize and receive the award an dbeing honored by them will pay you off in a night to climb the ladder of success!

So invest for your future today.

How to buy VIP Packages?

None of the purchase is refundable. All the purchases and fees should be paid to festival through pay pal account as soon as you can to program the event based on our attendees and their needs.

 Just after reviewing which one you want ,click on the pay pal account at the button of the page and pay for it.

Then Email us with the confirmation number and if you have any question  we will try to assist you s soon as we can .

If pay pal just does not work in a case, Email us to send you the invoice or guide you about other method of payments.

On the title line of email please mention name of package you want to apply to send you proper invoice.

What does the festival support nominees?

Please consider here is what we have done for you with no extra charges .

1-All the master workshops by professional university professors ,film industry panels ,earlier festival winners, distributors to reveal many secret in the film industry to help you how to make better films and

sell them easier. Hollywood is a dream city for many and being successful is not easy at all.

2-You will receive certificate of achievement if you attend festival .

3-Festival will support and help you to distribute your film as much as we can by inviting many distribution companies and TV channels representatives.

4-All of our photographers are either Celebrity photographers and few of them have up to 3 times Academy award as best filmmaker/photographer.Therefore to be published in those sites you you shine like a

star in a night .

5-We try to invite many Professional filmmakers in our audience to see your film and possible connection to work with them later on.

6-We will invite many Sales agents and Talent agents ,distributors ,financiers as well.

7-We will have many confirmed celebrities in our VIP list that you can have a life time opportunity to stand beside, get a signature or even private photos you with them only!( but please do not disturb them

and be very kind if they are tired). We have to cover all the cost .Some of our guests and celebrities are charging from 500 dollar in an hour to 10,000 for a trip to attend and cheer with you.

All of these could cost you extra $ 1000 from each individual.We have covered it for you by our sponsors

Therefore by preparing for your package you are contribution partial of the heavy cost of the festival in Hollywood.You need to plant your seed to have  a beautiful tree tomorrow.So work on your present to

have better tomorrow.You are the best one to build your future and we are here to assist you.

How can I be one of the top one to three winners ?

Some categories might have one and some categories might have up to three winners.It all depends how many fans and friends you invite.You need to work and take advantage of huge theater we booked for

you and ask many as possible to come for premier of your film or taking your autograph or photos.Hollywood wants you to feel you are the king and queen of the show.So share it with all and build up your

territory.You need to be bounded by audience and it is so important to see influence of your films /works.It is a test to see how important your work/films are for audience.Do not you want to try and see it?

So Invite many as you can.Now a days inviting people is so easy.Just call ,email or use our face book event link and invite them .

Here is the link for you .


Our final winners will be voted by both viewers  as well as juries in the ceremony for the most major categories.Therefore if you invite more of your friends and fans and add our even in social media

you will give yourself more chance to be chosen as the top three.Because they will vote and cheer for you!

Why Should I share the event and ask my friend to attend?

Our experience has proved those who have invited more friends they got higher vote by even strangers who never had seen their film.It is a circle of success and positive atmosphere you will create it for

you.Therefore more friends or fans to attend you will have better chance to win. you need to capture their heart and mind by your work.Share the event and let them know you will be there in the

festival/Remind them frequently and be sure they will attend .You have many international friends ,right?Ask them and be sure many of them will attend .right?

We have made a face book event for you ,You share it with all of your friends and let them to attend,You need to make them sure this time you need them to support you.No one knows how important is for

you to be the winner ,therefore you try hard and change your life by asking them to attend and be a part of your life changing history.

Can I Screen my work and how even if I am not nominee ?

You can share some partial cost of theater time .Email us to let you know even you are not nominee but you want to premiere your film in the festival or screen it.

Here is the link you can share and invite your friend to apply for their tickets.Different sites might show different price based on the costing of share holding.Sooner you get the tickets ,lower price will be the

cost.We suggest to your fans and family to apply through our site to gather all of your information and pass it to security guard.


Can I be considered for the World Humanitarian Awards for my work?

Yes, You can ,Because we have your work .We need to send it to our juries for final decision if your work can be considered for this prestigious rare award .You can apply through pay pal for this

consideration.If you have been chosen we will inform you .Your work is guaranteed to be sent for nomination and possible winning in the sister festival and will receive certificate of achievement for your  work.


Sum: $ 250


Can I be considered for the sister festival ,Academy Film Awards?

Yes ,you can.If you are nominees of WIND festival ,therefore you might be considered in this advanced awarding section.The difference of WIND festival and Academy Film Awards is that ,WIND is looking

for great messages in to the film and a room from intermediate level to advanced.But Academy Film Awards is looking for advanced and high quality films.Your work is guaranteed to be sent for nomination

and possible winning in the sister festival.You will receive another certificate from Academy Film Awards for your work.


Sum: $​250


Who can apply for the trophy or Certificate?

Any nominees who has been contacted by email  .


Trophy Package :  

It is Suitable for those general nominees who cannot attend the festival but the want their beautiful 24 k gold plated rare trophy. With this package you will get.

1-Gold plated Festival Trophy with the logo.

2-Certificate of Achievement will be Emailed electronically to you.

If you prepare three minute speech recognition and send it to us before festival we might be able to show it in our festival and one of our celebrity guest and judge will be hold your trophy for photo shoot and

then we will send it to you by a month after festival.

3-Your trophy will be packed in a beautiful luxury red box and will be shipped to you if you are located in USA with extra 45 dollar.

If you are living in other country than USA,it might cost up to $125  for shipping.Our trophy is gold plated and has crystal base and need a special shipping company to arrive safe to you.Contact us and give

us your address to give you the shipping cost.

Trophy package

SUM: $495


Silver package 


It is the best affordable package for every one in any category they applied for as far as their project is less than 15 minutes such even for all script writers .Your film will be premiered or screened as well.

1-You will receive a very beautiful 24 k Gold plated magnificent trophy for your achievement

2-Three Day VIP pass from 20th of OCT to 22nd of OCT  to watch any films you want in any of our three film festivals with special seats in the 5 front raw with your name on the seats, booked as VIP filmmaker 

Interacting with all filmmakers for three days

3-Photo shoot and Live media interviews  

4-  Certificate of achievements 

5- Group photos with all nominees and winners and celebrities ,photos will be added on galleries of Emmy awarded filmmakers ,photographer and will be seen by Google In this case you will have amazing

opportunities in a few weeks to be seen world wide.Think of holding the trophy with Hollywood celebrities such as Al- Pachino families who are one of our special guest and united Nation Ambassadors,

President and Top rated musicians ,worldwide actors and actress.

6-Master work shop by University professors ,Dance party on the last day of festival and a lot of happy moments and much more red carpet photo shoots and broadcasting opportunities 

7-Your Film as far as it is shorter than 15 minutes will be screened or trailer of your film if it is longer than 15 minutes

but  the whole film ,no matter of the length will be screened if you are companying two of your crew /cast ,friends or family  in your team who have their VIP Pass for three days  .

Please buy your package by two weeks before festival to start .You need to email us to program screening for you.

8-Before receiving your award you can have 3 minute speech recognition .

The video of your speech , Awarding scene , will be sent to all of social medias with over 700,000 followers and hits in total.  

9-being a part of World Humanitarian Awards ceremony on 24rd and part of amazing gala with lot more after part and red carpet on 24rd.

10-A complete tour in the city of Hollywood.If you want to add any extra member please add extra 100 dollar for each.This a long 8 hours tour to stop by and buy souvenir and see the walk of fame ,Wax

museum ,Walk of fame street,Kodak theater,Dolby theater ,Beach area and much more fun.You will love it.




 GOLD Package 

All of the Silver  packages  plus ( for one more person or two categories of your own choice after being nominated or if your film is longer than 15 minute up to 30 minutes ).Your film will be

premiered or screened as well.

 It is best for those who have submitted in different categories and want to be considered in different categories or those who want one of their team to be on the winner list as well.For example if director and

producer of the film are coming together or director and one of actor or producer and the actor.In this case they share the cost together.

11-Private video and press call with you for half an hour.You will have a personal photographer and video grapher all the time. 

12-It is great for you and another member in your team for doubling your chance to be the winner in two categories. (Each of you will receive the Festival  trophy ) two trophies .


SUM :  $ 1190

Diamond Package:

All of the Gold package plus or if your film is up to 50 minutes.Your film will be premiered or screened as well.

It is the best choice of all for a team or for feature film or documentary under 50 minute . Specially if you want to premier your film in the festival or premiering your film .It is the best choice you may ever

make.This package gives you a lot more offers. If you are attending with two members in your team or if you have submitted more than one film /work or if  you have applied to be considered for more than

two categories or for two crew/talent in your work.You can share the cost with your team if they attend.In other words it is great for three members or three categories or two more films if you are a film maker

and submitted more than two films in our festival.

13-You plus another two members in your teams will be on the winner list in two category each  you want to be mentioned.

14-Each of you will receive certificate of achievement plus one of the most precious gold plated trophy for your wining. ( three trophy in total)

15-Your whole film /work will be screened if it is  under 50 minutes.

16-You will have question and A session that gives you ultimate exposure for your recognition and to get the highest votes toward wining of the show.

Sum: $ 1590


Emerald Package

All of the Diamond package but for 4 person in total or if your film is more than 50 minute and you want it to be screened.

Getting this package allow you to have three of your family ,team or crew member with you as well.If your film/work has more than three nominees and all of you three cast /crew love to attend or to have

their  trophies and certificates all of them are welcomed if you apply for this package .Your film will be premiered or screened as well.

Sum: $ 1990


Ruby Package

It is best for feature film or for a team nomination .If your work is been nominated for more than four categories or 4 of your crew/cast have been nominated or you have a feature film which want

to be screened.

It is great if you and 4 members of your team want to attend .All to gether 5 members and 5 trophies. Most longer projects or feature films or music videos love this package.We will screen your

whole film /work as well.

Sum : $ 2490

Tiffany Packages:  it is the best exposure for you / your company or brand.

You will be recognized as one of precious executive producer of festival !

This is the best opportunity ,suitable for general categories  ,films , actors, singers, dancers,Humanitarians of the year 2017.

It is great for any of our festival categories you want to be on the final winner list .You just choose which want  you want.

1-Surprize welcome video at the hotel and  introductionery meeting on 23rd of Feb 2017

2-Two Day VIP pass to watch any films you want in any of our three film festivals with special seats in the 5 front raw with your name on the seats, booked as VIP Filmmaker and your guests.

Interacting with all filmmakers for two days all  

3-Photo shoot and Live media interview  

4- Certificate of achievements  

5-Group photos with all nominees and winners

6-Dance party at the last day and a lot of happy moments and   more red carpet photo shoots and broadcasting opportunities 

7-One of the most beautiful Gold plated high quality trophy in the world for your achievement  

8-We will feature your Trailer in our festival websites for a  whole year .

9-Before receiving your awards you can have 5 minute speech to show case your brand and company or your work.

10-You can perform in the festival or we will screen your work ,no matter of the duration if it is under 120 minute.

11-The video will be sent to all of social medias with over 700,000 followers and hits in total.   

12- Five free VIP pass to use for your team or family member or from your company or brand.                                                  

13-Private video and press call with you about half an hour. 

14-Screening your whole film in the theater and guaranteed audience votes to get you to the final level that is on the final winners platform.We advertise your work and will get many positive works by inviting

many audience and viewer. 

15-You will have promotional video for your production company                                                                      

16-You can add a booth in the festival or in 2nd day of festival and show case your brand.(you need email us to see how much space you need to add you in 1st or 2nd day of festival)

17-Question and A session  by professionals  at the end of screening  your film

18-You plus another two members in your team will be on the winner list in two category of your own choice .You can choose any category you wish for you or your fellow partner. ( three winners or three

categories in general).

19-Each of you will receive a trophy.(three trophy all together.

20-Your work will be sent to our sister festival and awarding event, Academy film Award and World Humanitarian Awards which you will have a great chance to be considered for those two festival as well.

You need to email us and we guide you more.

WIND International Film festival


World Humanitarian Awards


Academy film awards

21- Your logo will appear on our red Carpet back drop.This back drop will be in at least 20 more events throughout the year and you will be publicized through us many as possible.We love the grand festival

sponsor and we take care of you like our family members.
This is a life time opportunity for all of you. It  will elevate and boost your career in to the highest level of achievement in the festival not only in  the Hollywood but also all over the globe. This package is

very limited and it is only available to  two to three nominees in each year . The reason is that we want to keep you highly distinguished. Your name will be mentioned right after the greatest Academy Award

winners such Leonardo DiCaprio,one of our past winner or other top celebrities and politicians.Please have a look at our past winners in the Academy Film Awards or in the World Humanitarian Awards such

as Angelina Joli that is our winner in that section .If you are screen writer we have Asghar Fardai ,that is Oscar winner and this year he is also nominated as the best screen writer in Cannes.



If you are Actress ,we have Shohreh Aghdashlou that is Oscar nominees  and your name will be right after her name.


22-Plus you will receive your trophy through top celebrities such as Mrs Katherin Kovin –Pacino ,widow of the late Sal Pacino - Al Pacino’s father 

and beside United Nation representatives or many amazing distinguished celebrities /Singers

23-You will sit beside Director /Founder of Film festival Dr. Elham Madani

After you pay for this package , please email us and tell us which section and category you want to be on the list.

For any category you want to apply just let us know and we will have you right after naming their name as final winners .

We have high top quality filmmakers and can have only one of nominees in that category .Do not you want to be in that list?

24-Moreover we will print your company logo in festival back drop and we mention you as one of festival executive producer 2017.

25-You will be recognized as of the Executive producers of festival or as one of our feature films we are going to make by the end of 2017 .

Apply sooner to take advantage of it.Each year we will give this opportunity to only one female and one male talent/filmmaker or humanitarian person to have a distinguished recognition of the whole year and

distinguish her /him as our best .

Do not you want to be recognized as one of our precious executive producer of festival?


Donation : 10,000