W.I.N.D. stands for

W = Women

 I = Innovation & technology
 N = United Nation
 D=  Diversity

"WIND International Film Festival" is an IMDB qualified and a unique festival with Live Screenings and magnificent red carpet exposure in Hollywood, CA, on October, 2017

Submission is open to all filmmakers around the globe to participate and be honored as our top winner. Please use any of the links below.

W.I.N.D.International Film Festival is a non-profit festival with IMDB qualification designed to promote all filmmakers, with an emphasis on female inclusive talent, crew and story lines.

Our main mission is not only to raise local and international awareness about issues related to women,  and social issues, but also to recognize and reward films of peace, love, and humanitarian

topics. Our goal is to inspire and empower all (especially women around the world). We want to help all filmmakers showcase their unique voice. We want to bring more diversity into Hollywood

and make an effective positive change of low ratio of female filmmakers working in this business. We want to create a bridge of peace and friendship between East and Westerns part of the world to

have a better unity for us all to connect on through the gift of art.  

If your film is related to peace, humanity, inspiration, equality, and love among human beings your film is welcome for submission to the festival.  We will hand select the films that best meet this

criteria and pass cinematic standard values, and that do not compete with other filmmakers. 

 Our vision is to help the United Nations  to promote peace and to keep in step with its humanitarian goals. WIND International Film Festival,empowers female filmmakers to create more

opportunities and platforms with higher goals and successful achievements.  W.I.F.F. raises local and international awareness towards woman’s issues to inspire people the world over.

W.I.F.F. is open to global submission, to all filmmakers from all walks of life, regardless of their culture, religion, sex or their geographic location. To qualify, your projects must have female involvement, with a

key position in the production such as a female Producer, Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Composer or Editor, although you can still qualify with the submission of a strong female lead or female make-

up artist.

Submitted films will be carefully reviewed and judged fairly by our industry experts and experienced international jurors and professors.

*Please note, in the Screenplay Competition, stories must feature a female protagonist to qualify.

Festival activities will include a press conference, a photo shoot of you with celebrities, broadcasted interviews, and a master workshop for all attending filmmakers. Please stay tuned as this website is regularly

updated with new and useful information.

Top jury-favorite finalists will receive a handcrafted precious 24K gold plated trophy at the ceremony along with a beautiful limited-edition sash designed by a featured British designer integrated with Swarovski

crystal. We will continue surprising you, so please stay connected for more info.

Applicants will receive their invitations through email only.

All types of films, videos, and TV series (regardless of length or genre) are accepted. You may also submit an unlimited amount of submissions for your talent and crew!  This is a unique opportunity for honoring

them, and increases your chances to be the top winner.

Let's make a better world through film and promote a life free of fear, regardless of our background, culture, religion or sex. Everyone has the fundamental right to live with dignity and pride. So, let’s work

together and create a better place in this world.




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WIND is  famous as "Women OSCAR ", which is celebrating film, Fashion, Dance, Music & Humanitarian works 

WIND Film Festival is trying  to Promote all attendees to its best. In the Red Carpet event we'll have many celebrity photographers , Publishers Press & magazines to promote you to our best.We help you and distribute your film to some of greatest TV channels.

​​The festival attracts celebrities, media journalists, civic and community leaders, film crews, film enthusiasts from around the globe, as well as previous year attendees of W.I.F.F, and W.I.F.F. enthusiasts, Hollywood celebrities, and other special guests. Previous years have attracted appearances from seven Emmy, two Golden Globes, Grammy and Oscar nominees and winners!


Qualified Festival on IMDB in Hollywood

See all of you from 20th to 22nd of October in Hollywood for our three days amazing celebrations in two different locations.

please check your emails and spam box ,You should have received the final letter from festival regarding your submission.Nominees and winners list will be published by end of March.

W.I.N.D. Film festival will help your work to be seen by Award winning filmmakers, acclaimed juries and A list talents all around the globe.We want to make a bridge   between the East and the West to promote all talents &      filmmakers and bring more diversity to Hollywood & the film industry. events

WIND International Film Festival , an open gate to Oscar for diversities and women

7th edition of the WIND International film festival will be held on October 2017

Our Mission:

Our journey has started since 7 years ago.WIND International Film festival has proven its ability to continually adapt many international films among Hollywood films to represent fair amount of filmmakers globally through promoting them in heart of film industry ,"Hollywood ". WIND invites you again from October 20 to 22nd , 2017 to biggest galas which, more than ever, gives the entire place to innovation.If you are a short filmmaker or making documentary or  feature length films,We are here to push you harder and hold your back back .Let all of you fly together like a free bird with the WIND OF FAME !

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